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What happens if.......

How much is a course?

  • The course price varies, click HERE for more details. Baby Buds courses includes a pot of completely gorgeous Kokoso organic coconut oil (worth £5.50 and it should last the entire course and beyond) , detailed course notes with diagrams, instructions, songs and refreshments. I provide mats and for your baby to lie on but do feel free to bring your own if you prefer!

What happens in Baby Buds class?

  • The course is run over 5 weeks, each week we massage on one or two areas of the body and gradually introduce new strokes. As babies are used to having their legs touched from nappy changing, we begin with the legs and feet on the first week. We then work our way up tummy, chest, arms, face and back. We go over the sequences each week so don’t worry if you miss anything. You are also given a comprehensive instruction booklet. One of the things I do in the class is give you the tools and techniques to use at home with baby. There are songs and rhymes to some of the sequences which the babies love and don’t worry I do most of the singing (move over Adele!)…so there is no pressure for you join in unless you want to.

  • We always have lots of time to chat, talk over worries and enjoy a lovely cuppa and treat!

What happens in Little Buds class?

  • This is a rolling course so you can come along as many times as you like!  Minimum block booking is for 5 classes.

  • It consists of lots of songs and rhymes, massage and yoga, swings and dips which both you and baby are going to LOVE!  It is so much fun. 

  • We mostly do the same songs.  This is because babies love the repetition.  It really helps them to develop their communication skills.  Don't worry though, we have a lovely new song each week and incorporate some wonderful sensory play into the sessions too.

What if my baby cries/falls asleep?

  • Babies really are the ones who run the class and do cry, fall asleep and need their nappy changed and it is perfectly OK! You will not miss anything as we recap the sequences each week. Massage should not be performed on a baby that’s crying, you can comfort, feed, walk around with your baby if they’re upset.  Once they have settled and have given you the happy baby cues, you can continue. 

  • If baby is asleep I would suggest you do not wake them up. We don’t practice massage on a sleeping baby. There is normally an additional demonstration doll you can use to practice on until baby wakes. There are also comprehensives notes given out too so you to use the techniques at home.

What will I gain from the baby massage course?

  • You can read some of the benefits of Baby massage HERE. It is much more than just a class though. It is a way of communicating with baby through the senses of smell, touch, sight and sound and also oxytocin, the love hormone. You will be taught an easy routine that you can literally take anywhere. My classes are also a great opportunity to meet other new parents, to share in the experience of having children and find some new friends!

Do you do drop-in/taster sessions?

  • Unfortunately I don’t offer any drop in classes. This is due to the way my classes are structured so booking is essential. The classes sizes are limited so book now to ensure your place!

  • I do sometimes offer taster sessions. Please sign up to the newsletter below to keep up to date with taster sessions, offers, new classes etc. You can also follow me on facebook HERE for lots of lovely hints, tips and of course cute baby pictures!

I have twins, can I still attend the class?

  • Yes of course, I love having twins in the classes! There are NO additional charges for twins and you're welcome to bring along another caregiver too.

What do I need to bring?

  • Your baby! And anything you need for them such as bottles and nappies.

  • Due to Covid you will now also need to bring along some toys, a blanket and also a towel.

  • You are also most welcome to bring along a cushion to sit on.

  • I will still provide mats which are thoroughly cleaned before and after each class.

What if we cannot make a class one week?

  • Unfortunately I do not offer refunds for a missed class but please see HERE for full booking Terms and Conditions.

Can Dads do the massage class?

  • Of course! It’s absolutely not just for mums.  Dads are very much welcomed in the classes. I also run some lovely Saturday and Sunday workshops where the Dads get some lovely bonding time with baby and mums get a nice hand/foot massage or some sleep consultancy, there will be some delightful options available so watch this space and sign up to the newsletter to find out when new dates and options are released!

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