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Top Tips

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Baby’s Happy/Stress Cues for massage;

Signals that baby wants a massage;

  • Cooing

  • Deep belly breaths

  • Smiles

  • Eye contact

  • Hands to mouth

Signals that baby is not enjoying the massage; 

  • Fussing

  • Sneezing

  • Crying

  • Avoiding eye contact 

  • Rubbing eyes

Perhaps try a different time of day.  You are looking for baby's 'quiet alert' period.  When they are awake, looking around them and engaging with you.  This could be after a nappy change, half an hour after a feed or after bath time but this doesn't work for every baby, sometimes they just want bath, milk and bed.  Play around with the times, you will find one that works and I know that both of you will love it!

Benefits of Baby Massage

​Some Benefits include;

  • A stronger bond. When massaging baby, both of you release Oxytocin (the love hormone) which can help baby feel safe and loved and for both of you to feel relaxed.

  • Relief from colic, wind, constipation.

  • Improving the circulatory system, digestive system and nervous system. All these can help with babies muscular and brain development.

  • Easing of teething pain.

  • Helps to promote the growth and development of premature and low birth-weight infants by aiding digestion and so can help improve weight gain.

  • Improved and longer sleeping periods.

  • Soothing and settling baby.

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