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Why Should I Book With you?

a little insight into all classes, courses and luxury mummy treats!

It's so difficult to discern who on earth you should book with. There are so many wonderful baby classes, massage therapists and more out there and if you don't follow the amazing Boo&Mummy then you need to find them on facebook.  You'll never search for another class, course or group again, she has so kindly collated them all for you for every day of the week!


Once you find that person, like your hairdresser you hang on to them!  I hope that the below info will help you to make a decision one way or another.  I'd love to welcome you (and your little one!) at a session very soon but please don't wait too long to grab your spot.  I'm delighted to say that word has now gotten out about the classes and courses and how special they are so they do book up quickly.  The luxury massages and facials are quite often fully booked as I only have a certain amount of time available to be able to offer these so if there is not an appointment time available when suits you please do give me a shout.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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