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Do you want to learn how to help baby grow, develop both physically and mentally.  To be able to help comfort them when they are in pain, unsettled and more? To learn those important signals that baby is sending you when they need or want something? Then you are in the right place!


All classes and workshops are a wonderful and nurturing way to spend some really special time bonding with your gorgeous little one. You will learn so many tools and techniques to help to soothe and settle baby. Help relieve colic and teething pain, help them to grow stronger, develop their gross and fine motor skills, help them to hit their milestones like rolling, sitting, crawling and even walking.  We work on all the systems, circulatory, skeletal, lymphatic, digestive, muscular, nervous system and more.


Can you imagine how that feels? Being empowered, trusting your instincts (you are the expert of your baby!), rocking that mum life.


These not just courses, they are a community. A safe, supportive nurturing space. All classes are inclusive of everyone, you will always be treated with love, kindness and respect. 


It is somewhere to meet new mum friends (maybe new friends for life!) and also for baby to make some friends too. The support does not end after the last class. There is a private facebook group that you will receive an exclusive invitation to (it is where you will hear first about any new classes and courses along with some special discounts!) and once a month I hold a Love Creates Love group that is free for mamas to attend.

My mantra is Love, Connect & Thrive and that ethos is carried through not only my work but my life.


If having having some help and support and a safe space to come is important to you then don't hesitate, book on now and join this wonderful community.

Not quite sure you are ready for a baby class just yet, no problems, join the Mini Hub facebook group HERE to get a feel for how nurturing and supportive this community is.


Siobhan Tennyson
Baby Wellness Expert

Hello, my name is Siobhan and I am the owner and founder of Little Buds Nurture Hub.

I am here to help you to live fully in joy, happiness and love as you are able to understand your babies wants and needs and also how to help them when they need that extra bit of help only mummy or daddy can give.

I believe that by using nurturing, gentle touch and play you show your baby not only love but how to love.  In a class you are part of a supportive and welcoming community creating connection with each other so in turn both you and your baby thrive. You will also be teaching your baby empathy and compassion which can create a lifelong impact on baby's mental and emotional health.

You are the expert of your baby, trust your instincts, you will be supported, we've got your back.

You will learn lots of tools & techniques to use every day at home through loving, nurturing & fun classes that support you & your babies and it's a great place to meet other mum friends.

There is also time for lots of cuddles, giggles, tea and a good old natter.


I absolutely love working with families, it’s what truly makes my heart sing and I am blessed to be able to do this every day.

If being able to connect with your baby and others is important to you, most especially in this crazy time then book on now!

What I Specialise In

Nurturing Baby Massage  Courses

Tummy Time Masterclasses - Specialising In Babies With Differing Needs

Baby - Toddler Development Classes

Specialised Workshops for parents and main caregivers

Need a little more help?

Book A Private 1-1 Course or Workshop


My 4-month old son and I attended Siobhan baby massage class having never done anything like this before! We both found the class very relaxing and he was very chilled for the rest of the day. Siobhan is an excellent teacher taking plenty of time to show how to do the massage technique & the benefits for baby. Would highly recommend her class 😃



Contact Me

Got a question or want to know a little bit more about any of the classes, courses or gift vouchers, get in touch here.

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